Removing Ghost-Mailboxes from Exchange 2010/2013

In Exchange you can encounter issues when you move mailbox between databases. And after this issues you can have, for example, 2 (or several) mailboxes in your databases which belongs to a single user. And of course, only one mailbox from them linked to Active Directory user account.

And one more thing - mailboxes that are not used, NOT marked as Disconnected or SoftDeleted.

These mailbox are known as ghost-mailboxes.

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Search scope in Powershell while working with Exchange 2010/2013

You can expect the following errors while running Get-MailBox, New-MoveRequest and many other commanlets in Powershell in EMS (Exchange Management Shell):

The requested search root domain is different from the scope root domain.


The requested search root domain.local/Users’ is not within the scope of this operation. Cannot perform searches outside the scope ‘child.domain.local’.

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External/Internal virtual directories URLs in Exchange 2010 with Powershell

External/Internal virtual directories URLs in Exchange 2010 with Powershell

Exchange 2010 has the concept of internal and external URL's for various virtual directories for the Client Access Server (CAS role).

You must correctly specify values for URLs because of potential issues with certificates and discoverability of Exchange services for your users.

Here are commandlets in powershell to control all virtual directories URLs in Exchange 2010 (most or all of them are also will work in Exchange 2013):

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Enrolling certificates on Windows XP from CA running on Windows 2012

I've faced problem when user logged on computer running Windows XP, cannot enroll certificate from Certification Authority running on Windows Server 2012 R2.

First, enroll wizard didnt start at all, and then it start but at the final step access error was shown.

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Howto export RSA Private Key from bundle PKCS12 (*.p12)

Howto export RSA Private Key from bundle PKCS12 (*.p12)

When you want to set up SSL in Apache 2, you will need to provide to the service the following items: certificate for web-site, private key for that certificate, root CA certificate that issued web-site-certificate.

In my case I got from our sequrity-men p12-file which contains certificate itself and the private key. How to convert this p12 bundle to RSA private key?

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ADMT ERR2:7621 while migrating accounts within the forest

While performing intra-forest migration of user accounts with the help of Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT) you can get the following error:


ERR2:7621 Failed to move source object 'CN=migrTEST'. Verify that the caller's account is not marked sensitive and therefore cannot be delegated. hr=0x8009030e  No credentials are available in the security package


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Continuous password prompt while connecting Outlook 2007/2010 on Windows XP to Exchange Server 2013

If you try to connect Outlook 2007 or 2010 on Windows XP to Exchange Server 2013, you will face an issue of continuous password prompt for an account.

This issue is about some special kind of work with certificates in Windows XP.


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