Running Acronis Backup & Recovery on Windows Server 2012

Running Acronis Backup & Recovery on Windows Server 2012

It becomes clear that Acronis didnt released build of Acronis Backup & Recovery, that will work on Windows Server 2012. Actually - support was not declared, but we can start Backup & Recovery on 2012 ... with a little trick.

Sympthoms: after Backup & Recovery installation, management console didnt start with reference to "Acronis Managed Machine Service" (the service didnt start) (service name - MMS).

In fact, the service above cannot start because of dependency on Protected Storage Windows service, which is removed in Windows Server 2012.

So, to start the MMS service, you will need to remove dependency from Protected Storage service. Go to HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\MMS in registry editor, select parameter DependOnService (multi-string) and remove Protected Storage string.

Thats it! Now reboot you server and go on.

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